What is Cloud ERP?

      Cloud ERP Software will make your business process simpler!

      ERP tools and applications that are accessed via the
      internet are referred to as cloud-based ERP apps. 
      You can handle any aspect of your operations

      from anywhere, unlike with desktop ERP.

      Benefits of Cloud ERP

        Lower hardware and energy costs

        Real-time collaboration on business-critical data is supported.

      Spending less time on maintenance and backups

      Options for quickly and easily adding new users

      Use of the most up-to-date cloud tools and innovations

      Improve Security 

      Designed to meet your company's requirements

      Our cloud ERP software puts all of your requirements together in one location. Our applications can be customized to your business's needs.

      Streamline your workflow and simplify manual activities so you can devote more time to strategic strategies that will help your company expand.

      Why IT Company cloud ERP for your business

      In the present vigorous business environment, you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) arrangement that will assist you with improving your business achievement and drive operational up and stumbling into the association. The exact ERP arrangement mechanizes low-esteem, manual errands so you can concentrate on the vital activities that will push your business ahead. All together, you should get a handle on constant information for prescient bits of knowledge to improve your dynamic and execution the board. What's more, you have to do it now.

      Simple and Affordable

      Cloud ERP is simple to use and affordable to maintain as compared to postulate ERP

      Hardware and Software Protection

      ERP provider handles maintenance of hardware and software.

      Backup Guarantee

      Cloud-based ERP also comes with availability, backup and disaster recovery guarantees that reduce interruptions to the software.

      Cheap and Easy Connectivity to the internet

      It's cheap, easy connectivity of the internet makes it possible to extend the ERP system to outside suppliers, partners and customers.

      Can my information be moved from my old ERP or bookkeeping framework to my new Cloud ERP System?

      In the event that information can be imported from your old ERP into an electronic organization than it can for the most part be stacked into another Cloud ERP. IT Company's Cloud ERP incorporates Integration Services which permits clients to arrange imports from level documents or SQL database. This can be utilized to import ace records (Vendor, Customer, Inventory, and so on.) just as point by point history. Furthermore, a transformation utility is accessible to additionally mechanize the import of authentic information. Get in touch with us to discover which choices are accessible for your inheritance framework.

      Would I be able to get to my cloud ERP information from cell phones (PDAs, tablets, and so on… )?

      IT Company Cloud ERP is an electronic application that might be gotten to on any gadget running a typical program. IT Company's Mobile Framework gives local iOS and Android applications that can be utilized to get to any information.

      Do I have a decision on where my information is put away?

      A set number of ERP and CRM suppliers offer a decision on where your information is found. Many offer SaaS just or On Premise Only. IT Company Cloud ERP offers three choices (SaaS, SOP and On Premise).

      • SaaS – Software as a Service (yearly rental of programming and equipment)
      • SOP – SaaS on Premise (yearly rental for programming, client gives equipment, OS and SQL)
      • Perpetual – Onetime charge to buy the product with a yearly upkeep expense for refreshes.

      Plan and Pricing


      $20 /mo

      •   Online Store 
      •   Free Website Hosting 
      •   Unlimited Pages
      • Website Builder
      •   E-Commerce
      •   Blog
      •   Forums 
      •   Events
      •   E-Learning
      •   Enhance User Experience 
      •   Design Features
      •   Integrations
      • Support Options
      •   Email Support
      •   Live Chat
      • Get Started      


      $40 /mo

      •   Sales and CRM
      •   Everything in Standard Plan 
      •   Unlimited Users
      • Sales
      •   CRM
      •   Point of Sale
      •   Invoicing 
      •   Payments
      • Support Options
      •   Email Support
      •   Online Consulting
      •   Live Chat
      • Get Started     


      $80 /mo

      •   Business Success Apps 
      •   Everything in Standard and Business 
      •   Unlimited Users
      • Operations
      •   Project
      •   Inventory
      •   Purchase
      •   Manufacturing
      • Human Resource
      •   Employees
      •   Recruitment
      •   Fleet Management
      •   Time Off
      •   Expenses
      • Productivity Tool
      •   Discuss
      •   Notes
      •   Calendar
      •   Timesheet
      • Marketing
      •   SMS
      •   Survey
      •   Email Marketing
      • Support Options
      •   Email Support
      •   Online Consulting
      •   Monthly Meetings
      •   Business Success Apps
      •   Live Chat
      • Get Started     

      Obtaining further information by making a contact with our experienced IT Staffs.

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